It is common for adoptive families to need support and services after adoption. Our Delaware post adoption services can help families with a wide range of issues. They are available for everything from learning how to explain adoption to a preschooler, to helping a child who experienced early childhood abuse, to helping with an adopted teen’s search for identity. Experience with adoptive families has shown that all family members can benefit from some type of post adoption support.

Factsheets for Families, Child Welfare
Information Gateway, 2006

Our experienced staff has been connecting children with families in Delaware since 1996. As part of our program, we provide post-adoption services to families who have adopted through our agency. Due to funding through the state of Delaware, we are now able to provide post-adoption support to ALL Delaware adoptive families as well as families who have obtained guardianship of children exiting the Delaware foster care system.

Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family! However, there are times when families and children encounter issues that have a profound effect on the entire family unit. Families need support at these times and often do not know where to go for help. ABCFOC is able to provide that assistance statewide to all families!

Our Services Include:

  • Information and Referral
  • Crisis Assistance
  • Statewide Trainings on adoption-related topics
  • Support Groups for Parents
  • Therapy/Support Groups for Children
  • Love and Logic Parenting Groups
  • Parent/Child Bonding Workshops