The Beau Biden Foundation is an amazing group of people who work tirelessly to make our state (and our world) safer for children. Beau Biden, Delaware’s former Attorney General, died in 2015. During his tenure as Attorney General, Beau was extremely concerned about the welfare of our children, our most vulnerable citizens. We at A Better Chance for Our Children collaborated with the Attorney General’s office during Beau’s time in office to help improve the quality of life for our kids. We are grateful that the Beau Biden Foundation is willing to support us; however, we are more grateful for the hard work they do combatting child abuse. The Stewards of Children training they provide has received national attention and has helped thousands of people learn about the prevalence of child sexual abuse and how to recognize it. Follow the link below to learn about how to become involved in helping make our world a better place for children. You can also learn how to support the Beau Biden Foundation!

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